Bluetooth Remote Selfie Integrated Extendable Tripod With Detachable Wireless Monopod Stand Selfie Stick 蓝牙自拍杆 支架
Price RM32.90
Product SKU 71160001
Brand Huolang
Size (L x W x H) 18 cm x 5 cm x 5 cm
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Product parameters
Brand: Y11.
Multifunctional selfie stick product name
Stainless steel + ABS material
Apple + Android phones mobile phone applicable models
Stretching size: 19.5cm - 73cm
Apple: 4-6.5 inch mobile phone (clip stretch range: 6-9cm)
Beautiful scenery comes at your fingers
Integrated bluetooth

Hidden Bluetooth is very intimate
Can carry checked aircraft
Automatic sleep for 10 minutes.

Palm distance to carry around
Length only: 19.5cm

Bluetooth connection:
Long press the power button for 3 seconds to turn on Bluetooth
Turn on the phone Bluetooth search for Bluetooth devices

产品参数 品牌:Y11。

多功能自拍杆产品名称 不锈钢+ABS材质 苹果+安卓手机手机

适用机型 伸展尺寸:19.5cm - 73cm 苹果:4-6.5寸手机(夹子拉伸范围:6-9cm) 美丽的风景触手可及 集成蓝牙
隐藏蓝牙很贴心 可携带托运飞机 自动休眠10分钟。

手掌距离随身携带 仅长度:19.5cm

 蓝牙连接: 长按电源键3秒开启蓝牙 打开手机蓝牙搜索蓝牙设备