Glass Teapot Heat Resistant With Tea Infuser Filter Milk Flower Tea Pot High Silica Glass 花茶壶
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产品名称: 花茶壶
温度:-20 至 150 摄氏度

• 令人难以置信的设计:可拆卸过滤器 - 过滤碎片(如美味的水果、香草、茶或茶包),您可以享用您想要的美味茶饮。过滤器易于拆卸,易于冲洗和清洁。符合人体工程学设计的手柄保持凉爽且易于握持。采用窄壶式设计以节省宝贵的厨房空间,这款茶壶自然成为您厨房的优雅配饰

Product Name: Flower Tea Pot
Capacity: 600ml
Material: High Silica Glass
Temperature: -20 until 150 Celsius Degree
Use: Use for brew Tea, Flower Tea, Herbs Tea or any Drinks.

• INCREDIBLE DESIGN: Removable Strainer -Filtering the pieces (like flavorful fruit, herbs, tea or tea bags) and you can enjoy the tasty tea drinks you want. The filter is easily detachable and makes for easy rinsing and cleaning.Ergonomically designed handle remains cool to touch and easy to hold.Designed with a narrow pitcher style to save valuable kitchen space, this teapot naturally becomes an elegant addition to your kitchen